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Top Hotel / April 2020

HOTELKOSMETIK >> GFL SA skin care, Produzent für Hotelkosmetik, Nachhaltigies Angebot, Flakons und Spendersysteme. Via Sorengo 1, CH-6900 Lugano T +49(0)177-3172366 vertriebsued@gfl.eu, www.gflamenities.com

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HOTELS DIGITAL / Jan - Feb 2020

Geneva Green, GFL’s amenities collection for hands, body and hair, has a unique, circular design approach. Bottles and caps are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Its neutral carbon footprint will help reduce global greenhouse gases, according to the company. GFL, Lugano, Switzerland. gflamenities.com, info@gflamenities.com

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Exclusivité mondiale de la société GFL : une gamme de produits d'accueil 100 % vertueuse (France)... Des flacons et bouchons fabriqués avec 100 % de plastique recyclé « post consommation » et eux-mêmes recyclables : Geneva Green est une nouvelle gamme ...

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Tendance-Hotellerie.fr / Juni 2019

Exklusivität von GFL: ein Sortiment an Empfangsprodukten 100 % mild Fläschchen und Verschlüsse aus 100 % recyceltem Kunststoff “Post Consommation“ und selbst recycelbar: Geneva Green ist ein neues Sortiment an Empfangsprodukten, gekennzeichnet durch (...)

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L'Hôtellerie Restauration / June 2019

Geneva Green, Empfangsprodukte aus 100 % recyceltem Kunststoff. Zum Geneva Green, dem von GFL kreierten neuen Sortiment, gehören Fläschchen und Verschlüsse aus 100 % recyceltem Kunststoff …

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Green lodging news / Dezember 2017

Osmè Baby & Kids - Gfl USA offers Osmè Baby & Kids products that are pediatrician and ophthalmologist tested. Pediatrician tested is the most important thing to look for, ...

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Hotels Digital/Oktober 2017

The Osmè Baby & Kids bath amenity line from GFL provides high-quality cosmetics for the delicate, sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. Hygiene and protection products for children are tested ...

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Hotels Digital / December 2016

GFL Amenities released a new bath amenity collection, The Rerum Natura. The collection is the first to receive COSMOS organic certification, and is created with 100% pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances.

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Hotels Digital / October 2016

PRODUCTS >> The Rerum Natura cosmetics collection, from GFL, is charachterised by a sophisticated alchemic style owing to the company’s herbal expertise, the company says ...

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Starhotel Adv / April 2016

LET YOUR GUEST FEEL AT HOME >> WE ARE A VIRTUOUS COMPANY. We create body care products, outstanding quality soaps, shower gels, shampoos and creams. We believe in quality in terms of both form and function ...

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hotelbusiness / February 2016

EUROPE’S GFL COSMETICS BRINGS ECO-FRIENDLY BATH AMENITIES TO U.S. >> BROOKLYN, NY “Bath amenities should be made with the highest-quality ingredients and trend-leading packaging design, and be available at an affordable price point for hoteliers” ...

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Hotel News Resource / January 2016

GFL SKIN CARE: SUSTAINABLE LUXURY FOR DISCERNING HOTELIERS >> GFL brings its range of Ecocert Organic certified and Nordic Ecolabel products, all in recyclable packaging, with natural fragrances and a world-class design, to the U.S. ...

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Hotel Online / January 2016

U.S. HOTELIERS, YOU TOO CAN NOW TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT EUROPEAN HOTELIERS HAVE ENJOYED FOR YEARS >> New York City, January 5, 2015 – GFL Cosmetics, Europe’s premier hospitality amenity company, is launching into the United States market. While celebrating its 20th anniversary ...

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Green Lodging News / January 2016

GREEN LODGING NEWS ADDS GFL USA AS DIRECTORY PARTNER >> ODESSA, FLA.—Hasek Communications, the Odessa, Fla.-based publisher of Green Lodging News, welcomes GFL USA to its Green Product & Service Directory. ...

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Hotels Digital / December 2015

TELEVISION, SUSTAINABILITY AND MORE >> Hopal, GFL’s new collection of sustainable skin and body care products, is Nordic Ecolabel certified. The line comes in white tubes with metallic text and recycled papaer packaging. The text on tubes ...

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Green Lodging News / December 2015

GFL COSMETICS LAUNCHES US OPERATIONS >> NEW YORK—GFL Cosmetics, a leading hospitality amenity company in Europe, is expanding into the U.S. market. While celebrating its 20th anniversary in Milan, Italy, GFL Cosmetics is launching its ...

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Hotel Interactive / December 2015

GFL COSMETICS LAUNCHES US OPERATIONS >> New York City, - GFL Cosmetics, Europe’s premier hospitality amenity company, is launching into the United States market. While celebrating its 20th anniversary in Milan, Italy ...

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Hotels Digital / December 2014

TV, GREEN AN MORE >> GFL’s new product range Osmè Organic was developed with rigorous ecological consideration. All products are created without synthetic coloring or substances. The line also is free of any gene technology, mineral oils ...

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Officiel Italia / September 2012

REFERENCE TO OSMÈ PRODUCTS >> Crema idratante Osmè di GFL. Ingredienti naturali ed organici, una confezione a rispetto dell’ambiente, con estratti di rosmarino e girasole.

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Provincia Pavese / August 2012

SHAMPOO E SAPONE NELLE STANZE D'HOTEL, C'È UN PÒ DI SIZIANO >> Il boom della GFL di via del Benessere, 23 milioni di fatturato. Design, formule e produzione con 100 dipendenti. Cosa accomuna una vacanza al Grand Hotel Imperiale di Forte dei Marmi, una stanza in Francia ...

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La Repubblica / July 2012

IL BOOM GFL, LA PICCOLA MULTINAZIONALE DEI MINI FLACONI PER HOTEL >> Un’avventura nata per caso da un gruppo di studenti ha dato vita a una società che fattura 25 milioni ed è il maggior produttore europeo di dispenser per bagno nelle grandi catene. Erano quattro amici al bar ...


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