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Scents from afar, ingredients recalling memories of past travels, when the world seemed wider and more mysterious. The perfect balance between cosmetics, inspired by nature and The look and feel inspired by remote destinations.The whole collection, whether bath care products or Accessories is characterised by natural, decisive nuances and exotic touches such as the typography or the cross, a distinctive graphic element. A line where the contents become the label, bright amber colours run through the entire collection combined with Havana paper accessories.


Prija is a warm and earthly cosmetic range: from Shampoo with Eruca Sativa (with reinforcing proprerties for the hair) to specific Hand Cream with Macadamia Oil and tonifying body cream with Centella Asiatica Extract and Avocado oil, you will discover how elaborate this line is and how its formulas are subtle.

An exotic experience of luxury and wellbeing

A natural attitude

What characterises Prija’s cleansers and creams is their plants’ extracts coming from the most exotic locations around the globe

You will enjoy their natural beneficial properties thanks to the composition rich in natural oils and extracts selected for Prija collections:
Ginseng, Eruca Sativa, Green Walnut, Lotus flower adorn towels and cleansers. Shea Butter and Oils of Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Rice Bran, Sunflower and Avocado enrich Prija Creams in nourishment and softness for skin.


Prija thinking environment. The accessories packaging is made of recycled paper, without the use of any glue whatsoever



The collection includes different sizes of bottles and sachets with cleansers for body and hair, body lotion, liquid soaps, pumps and wall dispensers. Also included are dedicated cosmetics for specific use such as massage lotion, hand cream, energising towelette, lip balm, bath tablets and protective contitioner.


AN Extended FAMILY
to complete the story

Completing the range is a wide selection of accessories, from the most frequently requested, all in paper box, to other more original accessories dedicated to the collection concept, for example scented candles and natural loofah sponge. The wooden tray and Pochette are offered to display the Prija range.


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